To change the laws that govern Devore and Big Bear Animal Shelters

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Over 2000 animals were euthanized at the Devore and Big Bear Animal Shelters in 2017.

The laws and administration that govern these shelters needs to change.

Dan Flores, CaSonya Thomas, Brian Cronin, and Greg Beck have been asked to make the below changes and have refused to even meet with me to discuss compassionate change.

Changes requested to be implemented via phone conversations and a letter written and mailed in February 2018.

• Volunteers allowed on site - to bathe, groom, walk, take photos, and play with the animals. 

• Small and large dog play groups to de-stress, and provide socialization.

•A behaviorist on site to properly evaluate all dogs who enter the shelters, so that so many aren’t labeled rescue only.

•A veterinarian on site to properly care for sick and/or hurting animals.

•Soft bedding and cots so that they can sleep in comfort. 

•A shelter revision to allow the kennels to be indoors to be protected from the elements, but to have windows that open for the sun to shine in and fresh air.

•Animal ID’s and the pets information card to be placed on all kennels. Also to name the animals to give them more meaning.

•A change in the administration who will work hard to make the shelter low kill. Kind and compassionate people in charge who care about life and living.