Animal Laws

Animal Laws

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My experience: 

Today I stood for hours in the freezing rain, standing up and being the voice for animal abuse. One of these horses in these photos was euthanized in the driveway in front of 50 sum people. The other two are hidden away in a barn. Freezing, cold, starving. We need to to be one whole. We need to fight for them. Save them. I’m begging for help.

These horses are located at 2071 Cockshutt road, Waterford Ontario.

Please contacts your local authorities, parliament, town council members, ANYONE. Please stand with me and many others to be the voices for these guys and animals in general.


Natalie Tuppers experience: 

Let's be clear. Two horses ARE STILL ON THE PROPERTY AT THE CARE OF THESE OWNERS. ONE IS DEAD IN THE DRIVEWAY. Ctv and the edwards clinic are completely wrong in their statement the animals were released and off property. AT THEIR DIRECTION the remaining two horses were deemed fit to stay. They are hidden in the garage on the property with owners refusing to accept help by local rescues! Edwards is denying they have any authority in those horses staying. Opp stated if that vet says the horses need to be removed they can enforce that as the professional attending. Edwards has the lives of the remaining two in their hands from my understanding and refuses to correct their actions. The statement from ospca and Edwards vet is highly conflicting. Get your stories straight and get these horses to safety before they suffer the same fate.

Thank you for everyone who is here in support of these animals. As of 6pm the owners still refuse to release the horses to whispering hearts even in temporary board manner until the ospca is available on Monday. One horse lays dead in the driveway in the pouring rain. All we can do now is continue to spread the word and work in shifts to monitor the property that these horses are not moved to a hidden property as they tried to do this morning and again this afternoon. Please whomever can take turns monitoring the property it is the only way to ensure the police presence remains and the pressure stays on. The two remaining horses are being kept in a garage out of sight. I do not know their condition as we are not permitted to see them. I am greatly disappointed in the spca and their inability to even show up. The vet from Edwards should be held responsible for the death of this animal as well as any future doom of the remaining two. His lack of professional integrity over the past 6 months is flaberggasting as well as he feels these horses are under proper care and have been all along. If that is the case, why does a cold dead skinny body lay in the driveway... showing us all what really happened here. And is bound to happen if the others are not helped. Thank you all. Please take shifts to monitor. If anyone sees the horses being moved please try to stop them unless it is to the ospca approved rescue whispering hearts.

Update 11am. Edwards vet is on scene. The horse that was on the trailer was taken off and euthenized. The other two are hidden in the garage being assessed by the vet. Rest in peace sweet soul. I'm so sorry your last hours were spent trapped alone and scared on a trailer.

Currently at the property where two people are trying to remove two of the horses to hide them before opp arrive. Currently blocking their driveway. Anyone who wants to come now is the time! 2071 cockshutt

Councillor ward 7 Kim Huffman has contacted me and is looking into this further. Fingers crossed she can get these poor animals the help they need asap. Thank you for the outpouring of support, I am amazed at the local community and horse lovers alike. You are all amazing ❤

Update: the officer has called me and let me know that no vet is available tonight. They had the owners get a local farmer bring a round bale to the property for the horses tonight. Tomorrow morning an spca vet "Edwards" will be assessing the horses. This is the vet whom has apparently been the case worker for these horses for months. This vet said "is the activist footing the bill then?". In my opinion there is a personal relationship or a severe lack of professional integrity for a vet to allow these horses to get to this state. I have a feeling he will say they are ok tomorrow. Apart from having an independent vet volunteer to assess the horses as a second opinion (with the owners allowing it, my guess is they wont) there is nothing else that will be done if he gives them an ok. He has given them the ok for months blaming medical history. Any vet who allows this condition to continue this long is corrupted. I'm banned from the property. Not sure what else to do. I will update tomorrow when i hear what the vet says. We will get these horses to safety one way or another.

Update: I went back to the property where an opp officer so kindly told me I can be arrested for trespassing if I return and he can arrest me for feeding the horses. He stated that the spca is involved and there is a vet on route. He stated the owners are not willing to rehome them and claim to give them round bale a week. This is completely false. I drive by daily. When I questioned the condition of the horses in his eyes he again brushed me off with the fact the spca has been and said they are fine. I should be getting a call tonight with the vets decision . . Everyone please stay away for now and let the investigation play out. Should this vet again say the horses are healthy, I will personally have a protest at the property on the road at a set time. All welcome to join. Enough people brings police and media... though I been told I will be arrested for this along with anyone else. We will get these horses out one way or another. I will update again with vet decision. Praying for the best outcome.

Thanks to whispering hearts for being on standby to take these horses immediately should it all work out.

Update: whispering hearts horse rescue is involved in this. Please do not approach the property or feed the horses as this makes it look as if they are cared for and ruins chances of having them removed. They have been given one bale by myself tonight. More is a risk of colic or other issues. Our hope is direct contact can be made by whispering hearts and the owners will release them to the rescue to be rehabilitated.

It is a sad time when the OSPCA and OPP finds that these three emaciated, starving, freezing horses are not worthy of the help I have been pleading for for the past six months.

The heartbreaking whinnies I heard tonight as they laid eyes on the square bale I illegally brought for them was the last straw for me. Someone needs to be the voice for those silently suffering. Something needs to be done. Not next month, not next week. They are hungry now. They are starving now. They are dying now. Something needs to be done, NOW. They may not have tomorrow.

I am from the town of Waterford, Ontario Canada, and at my witts end with the OSPCA, local police services (OPP, Norfolk County), so I am turning to the power of social media to save these three poor souls before their time runs out. I fear this will be very soon. If this is not animal cruelty, I don't know what is.

Within the past year these horses arrived at a local property, no more than a half an acre in size. They appeared to be in poor condition however being a horse lover and rescuer myself, I waited and gave the benefit of the doubt.. assuming these were also rescues and an attempt at fattening them up was being made. As the weeks went on, I noticed they quite frequently stood at their empty round bale feeder with no hay. This progressed to days with no hay. I made the decision to involve the SPCA. During the phone call I was made aware there was an active investigation into this property already. With that, I continued to watch these horses go hungry and get skinnier and skinnier. I called again. And Again. And again. Over the past SIX MONTHS I have continuously called the OSPCA and nothing visible has been done as I watch these poor emaciated animals fade away to nothing. Then their already small paddock was split in two, where two beef cattle showed up. The beef cattle always have a round bale, are relatively plump, and seem content. All whilst the horses continue to starve to death. One horse got tangled in some junk in the paddock, appeared severely lame, I then called the police. To whom also gave me the cold shoulder stating that they will not do anything, that it is for the SPCA to deal with.

Well. The SPCA has not done a thing to help these animals (maybe a phone call or visit which resulted in no real action), with my repetitive phone calls, they have become quite short with me and now brush me off completely more or less saying this is not my business and things cannot be done overnight. WHAT ELSE CAN I DO. I understand things take time, but time is also of the essence in regards to this life and death situation. These horses have no more time. I strongly feel SIX MONTHS is plenty of time for them to have the help they need. They are now knocking at deaths door and in my opinion, the OSPCA, OPP, and owners should be held directly responsible when these horses die of starvation and freezing.

I have attempted to make contact with the owners directly and no one answers the door. I have tried to be patient and go about things the right way. The legal way. This has landed these animals here. Starved and frozen, as I painfully watch the cold weather roll in and the three huddle for warmth, no hay, no blankets, no value of life, every day, I cry. I cry that there is seemingly no help in sight, and nothing more I can do. Today when I went to take photos I brought along a hay bale and I have never heard more heart breaking whinnies in my life as they saw the sight of fresh food for the first time in what I am thinking is atleast a few days. Maybe it is illegal, but if its all I can do I will continue to throw these poor horses a bale every day until I can get them OFF that property. Something the OSPCA and OPP should have done long ago. I fear it will take the death of these poor creatures for anyone to take notice. Please, Please share this post - lets get the word out and get these horses to a safe warm environment. Or, worst come to worst, humanely euthanized and free to run the rainbow bridge with no further pain or hunger. These animals do not deserve this cruel senseless death they are now slowly succumbing to.

Please contact your local authorities, parliament, town council members, anyone.. this is unacceptable treatment of animals.

These horses are located at 2071 Cockshutt Road, Waterford, Ontario Canada. Please call the local SPCA, Police services, news outlets. Something has to be done. Their time has run out. OSPCA and OPP have been repetitively contacted.

P.S. to those who say they are elderly, they have health issues. They then should have been humanely euthanized months ago if they were destined for this. I have a 26 year old mare whom I feed 3x a day a mash I make which often leaves me with little money to feed myself. If the day comes I cant afford it, or she is in this type of condition, I will let her pass humanely. This is cruelty at its worst. Allowing them to die slowly of hunger and cold is cruel. Two appear lame, they are able and willing to eat hay, there simply never is any.

And 98.9 fm experience: check Facebook account for 3 viral videos on the matter labeled as “ on the scene in waterford pt1, pt2, pt3 and pt4 “ 




7,767 have signed. Let’s get to 10,000!
At 10,000 signatures, this petition is more likely to get a reaction from the decision maker!