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All pets should be able to live a happy and long life. Just because they can't find a home doesn't mean that they are worthless creatures. All pets are important and deserve to be given chances to find a loving and caring home. It is similar to children that have no family and are up for foster or adoption. If they aren't adopted they aren't killed so then why are defenseless animals put to death because they cannot find love at the moment. Animal Control is counter productive in killing animals that could have just been lost. How are families to know that Animal Control may have found a lost pet. After seven days these pets are put to sleep so these families have even less time of knowing that these lost pets have been found and, as a result, have lost a huge part and member of their family.

Letter to
Governor Chris Christie
New Jersey Governor
Animal Control To whom it may concern
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Governor of New Jersey Chris Christie
Stop allowing innocent animals that do not have a home to be killed by animal control.