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Petitioning ECOLOGICA Animal friends from Florida, US and the rest of the world

Animal friends from Florida, US and the rest of the world: Please, help this Dog & Shelter


I would like to see this dog surviving shelter. She is extremely urgent. She has no time! Please help her.

Letter to
ECOLOGICA Animal friends from Florida, US and the rest of the world
The dog you see here I have been following for some time now sharing her information, calling people to help her, begging people to lend a hand to save her but, she is still trapped in shelter , still alone and at extreme risk. Her intake in shelter was on in April 15th but she was shown among cross posters on May 9th. Her intake is so far behind that she has been forgotten! New dogs arrived every day to voluntary pages from all over the country and that is what cross posters share. When people see date of intake, they think her case must be solved by now or that she was euthanized. Very few people visit her blog and she is receiving no support.
When you do this voluntary work, you do with all your heart and soul and some cases can really shake your heart and take a toll on you if you cannot help. This is one of those cases. This sweet soul is crying! This baby is crying to everyone that passes by her cage! She longs to be touched and caress! She needs to be loved! This is heartbreaking……! I made a pledge on her blog but blog is cold, dead, and I am one! She is at: Broward County Animal Care and Adoption Center. This shelter is trying to become a NO KILL! For shelters to become a No kill they need to achieve X amount of animals being saved in X specific time. They have to lower the % of killing. But, they cannot keep animals forever! Animals must be fostered and adopted. If people do not receive animals in their home, they have to sacrifice at least at the beginning. This baby is at extreme risk: 1-She is there for a long time now, 2- she has skin issues for what we see in the photo (sick), 3- she is BIG and 4- she is a bull type dog. All, disadvantages that could keep her from being saved if she does not receive help soon. And upon all that, she has been forgotten! How could she make it? The only way out is by receiving fostering, adoption or donations to help with her health issues , with her spaying and shots and getting her well again. If shelter sees she is supported, they too will do their maximum to recover her for a forever loving home. Remember: they need help to try to save all the animals coming into shelter! They need help!!! They cannot do it alone! Help her! Let’s change her cry for a happy life full of love! She can die any minute because she is receiving no support. Please help this dog save her life! And, give support to this shelter that does not want to kill! In the middle of the disaster that is the killing of thousands of dogs and cats in the country every day in such horrible ways as gassing and by heartstick, this shelter wants to change! Please call, say you want her to live and make a donation to this baby. An adoption would be the best gift for her but if you can’t adopt, please donate to her specifically to advance in her recovery and to save her! Small amounts donated by many people could make a miracle!
THANK YOU very much for your attention! And, it doesn’t matter how far you could be, to achieve a NO KILL NATION, a NO KILL WORLD, there must be no frontiers! We must help one another. Stay near, do not leave alone shelters that are trying to make a better world and our dreams a reality!
Fort Lauderdale, Florida
Dog ID: A 1509784

PS: This petition will arrive to Ecologica, other group that will keep updating shelter without occupying their email which availability is vital to rescue/save animals. Thank you.

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