Ban circuses using wild animals in all states

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Perhaps you are not aware, as I was not until fairly recently, that circus animals are trained using painful methods to perform tricks that cause various chronic conditions such as arthritis.  They are not cared for properly and many illness go untreated, including ringworm, eye infections,and injuries caused by performances, just to name a few.  These are just the physical issues, let alone the psychological ones. 

Garden Bros. has a long history of being sited by the USDA, which enforces the Animal Welfare Act (AWA), for varied and numerous animal rights violations.  Among the most egregious include striking an elephant with a bull hook for "giving attitude," before chaining him up for a "time-out," and allowing their animals to stand in 89 degree heat on asphalt for an extended period of time.  Another USDA citation was issued to Hoosier Camel Encounter, performing with Garden Bros.,for repeatedly hitting a llama with a whip during a performance after the animal wouldn't perform an intended behavior.  According to the inspector, the llama was very distressed.  Another one is a zebra that was held by one person while another beat him so severely that it collapsed on the ground and wailed. The list is long and heartbreaking, and should without a doubt be stopped immediately!

These animals do not choose this horrible life, and it's truly a crime that we, as human beings, allow it.  To me, it's just another form of slavery; a breathing being held for the sole purpose of providing entertainment and economic gain.  Animals are just as important as we are and deserve to be protected so they can live a good life. They belong in their own habitat, and not in the back of a moving truck or cage. 

Circuses using wild animals have been banned completely in New Jersey and Hawaii, with partial or full bans in 92 jurisdictions and 32 states in the US and Canada. Approximately 59 countries have banned circus acts using animals.  California, my home state, will decide shortly on a complete ban as well and I am confident it will pass. 

We’ve got a ways to go, but with the support of all of you, circuses using wild animals will be banned completely.