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Stop animal abuse and neglect

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WHY IT IS IMPORTANT: This is an extremely important issue because it deals with the lives of innocent animals. It is necessary to stand up for those who don't have a voice. Millions of animals are abused and neglected every day. The punishment for animal cruelty is minimal and should be increased.  Animals are defenseless creatures that cannot always protect themselves.  Animal cruelty does not just involve physical violence.  There are millions of animals who have poor health due to their living conditions.  Animals depend on their owners for necessities.  Individuals who decide to take care of another living creature need to devote their time, attention, resources, and energy to them.  All animals deserve the love and care from their owners.  In addition, there are other types of animal cruelty such as dog fighting.  These dogs are trained to have brutal fights, some leading to death.  Also in some cases the dogs who lose the fights are still alive but are then finished by their owners anyways.  This is just one example of the numerous types of animal cruelty.  This issue needs to be taken seriously and something needs to be done.


HOW YOU CAN HELP: There are many organizations out there that are fighting animal abuse, neglect and brutality.  No matter where you are you can always get involved and make a difference.  Various animal shelters around the world need basic supplies.  Donations to near by shelters are always helpful.  Also some shelters need people to take the dogs on walks, or interact with the cats and kittens.  Sometimes the little things are what make a huge impact.  Being aware and knowledgeable about the subject can help save animals lives.  For instance if you whitness animal cruelty take action and call 911.  Don't just sit back and think that someone else will take action the animal needs YOU.     



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