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Animal Controls must disclose their "euthanasia rate" to anyone relinquishing their pet.

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When many people are asked what happens to a pet turned into a shelter, their response usually is "they stay there until they get adopted."  When many people are asked to name their local shelter, many respond with the names of animal controls in their county.  What most people in the general public don't understand is their animal controls are run by local government and politicians and they account for over 2 million deaths annually due to overcrowding.

Animal controls are very different from animal shelters. Animal controls are forced to take in all animals brought to them, so their kill rate due to overcrowding are usually very high. Many of these pets are healthy and adoptable and include puppies and kittens. 

The blame shouldn't be placed on these facilities for these deaths, but rather on the community who simply turn in many more animals then they adopt back out. However, in many instances, a person turning in a pet to an animal control, has no idea that their pet may be destroyed (sometimes immediately) because of overcrowding.  Since these facilities are completely funded by taxpayers (with estimates of over $1 billion annually) the general public should know at the time of admitting any animal, what the animal's chances are of finding a home, or being destroyed.  

This "awareness disclosure document" may go a long way in keeping many in our community from turning in their pets and instead look to other re-homing ideas or other facilities that may not destroy their adoptable pets.  And if nothing more, it may at least put focus on the sheer number of pets we kill as a society due to irresponsible pet ownership, forcing a change in the way we care for our animals.

And, if you want to help any of these animals by becoming a foster hero, please go to


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