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Change euthanization practices and investigate guardian surrender abuse and neglect


On November 10, 2013 a man surrendered four of his five German Shepherd dogs to Miami-Dane County Animal Services.  Two of the dogs, Bella and Luquesta, are 8 months.  Also included in this guardian surrender were the pup’s parents, Tiny (3 year old male) and Lassie (1 year old female).  The dog’s guardian kept the fifth dog claiming that he will keep him for now but possibly surrender him in the near future.  Though shelter workers were warning the owner that the dogs were at risk of being put to sleep, the owner continued with the surrender showing no shame.  
According to an MDAS employee, the owner openly admitted to beating these dogs.  He hit them for every “correction.” Shelter employees stated that the dogs were trying to climb under anything to get away from their owner.  Lassie and Tiny would lunge at anyone who came near them.  They were trying to protect their children like any decent mother and father would do.   These dogs grew up in abuse and neglect. They were scared to the point that they felt the need to fight for their survival.
German Shepherd Help and Rescue Effort (SHARE) put a hold on Luquesta to save her life.  Soon after, Bella was adopted.   Sadly, MDAS killed Tiny and Lassie for aggression before the shelter opened on November 12th.
There are reports that Luquesta came in severely emaciated, tick infested, and has a large flea infestation. Her physical state is so bad that the veterinarian deemed her not fit for spaying at this time.   When approached, she is scared, nervous, and fearful. She cowers down as well as shivers in the corner of her cage. It is clear that she had been abused and neglected.  Reports state that Bella was in similar medical condition.  Tiny was three years old weighing in at only 24 measly pounds.
We have high hopes that two pieces of information are relayed clearly in this petition. 
1.    Tiny and Lassie were given no time to adjust to their new surroundings.  They were brought in on 11/10 and were euthanized on 11/11.  They did not have enough time to adjust to their new, abuse free environment. MDAS offers no hold power on “owner surrenders”.  They may be euthanized by staff’s digression at any time. They had no chance of survival to be adopted out to an individual with breed experience or a rescue.  Unfortunately, quick euthanizations happen all to frequently at MDAS leaving no chance of adoption.
2.    These German Shepherds showed clear signs of abuse and neglect.  Furthermore, their owner openly admitted to beating them.  Because of the poor physical and mental state of these dogs, MDAS should have seized the fifth German Shepherd and proceeded to press charges for animal cruelty.  
What Miami-Dane Animal Services does is undoubtedly wrong.  They euthanized Tiny and Lassie without even thinking twice.  They allowed a confessed animal abuser and known neglector to walk and keep an animal in his care.   Unfortunately, these are all too common practices at MDAS.
Please join up in making the public aware of MDAS’s cruel practices. You can help to promote a change within MDAS’s inhumane euthanization exercises and to advocate for those who have no voice.  
                                        COMPASSION FOR LIFE


Other animals abused/neglected and then killed by MDAS

Bunny: Severely emaciated.  No effort to charge owner.  An adoption plan was put in place and MDAS aware - adopter called in the monring and MDAS already put Bunny to sleep.


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