Stop Aggressive Dogs - Rest in Peace Aysia

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On April 23rd 2017, two pit bulls broke into my backyard and attacked my 5 year old Yorkie (Aysia) and 4 year old Chorkie (Cyris). My wife and sister in law ran out to attempt to free my Yorkie from one of the pit bulls mouth as he ran around the yard holding her by the neck of her lifeless body. Cyris was able to escape after being bit numerous times. The pit that had Aysia took a shovel to the head and dropped my deceased baby and ran off. The other was injured by the shovel when it was struck in the arm. My wife rushed the Chorkie to the emergency vet for recovery and by the time I arrived home, cops had arrived. I told them to retrieve my baby girl Yorkie, when they did, the injured pit bull attempted to attack so the officer had to disable it. I was given my Yorkie to hold one last time as her body was still warm and soft but was motionless. My Chorkie is currently recovering 3 bite wounds, 2 broken teeth, and is on 5 types of medicine.

These aggressive dogs broke a plank to enter my backyard. It was reported that the pit bull that was put down, had attacked and severely injured a dog in my neighbors yard one week prior. Why was this dog still in a household? Why was this dog not taken away? Why weren't we informed to be on alert if the dog was to remain in its household?

*UPDATED 1+ Year Since incident : Original idea was written at time of grievance*
My Suggested Proposal:
I would like to create a movement to help better both the owner and neighbor's well-being of any "aggressive" breed of dog.
Statistically by Local standard - Aggressive dog breeds, should be registered to A.C.S., in a manner similar to how one would register their vehicle for a state inspection. Breeds that are bred, owned, and or not registered are to be considered illegal by country and are subject to possible fines to the ownership, in which these fines would go to animal shelters and local pet fundraisers for a good cause. If these registered animals with an aggressive history are to remain in a household, they should be placed on high restriction, proper notification provided to the neighboring homes and communities, complete friendly registered behavior training programs offered by local vets and animal shelters, maintain a frequent visit/report for evaluation by A.C.S., and should only be allowed outside with supervision. Failure to abide by the guidelines above, the animal should be taken by A.C.S.

You may argue that, situations like these are probable to happen often, but what if my 2 year old niece had been outside... All it takes is one time for it to happen, mine was the second and now I wake up to an empty food bowl, dog bed, and a hole in my heart where my best friend used to be, because of someone else's negligence and inability to maintain proper behavior of an animal with record of aggression, my household will never be the same.

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