Stop Inhuman treatment of dogs! What's happening inside the patiswar shelter !

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A week ago we received a complaint from a local activist that there is animal shelter near his native (patiswar) where dogs are being abused and mistreated,so we had sent a team of two of our members to visit and collect information about that shelter in a friendly manner ,but they where shocked to see the happenings there.

Yes,what they saw there is completely inhumane,the shelter contained more than 200 dogs,most of them looks starving and ill ,there are only 2 workers there to take care of 200 dogs and no volunteers or vets.also it's really sad to see that the dogs where being locked inside cages which are made for hatchers and locked 5 dogs per cage,and so much of suffering.As per the municipality records that shelter was run by Ragu who was a certified architect with a life full of love for dogs,after getting ragu's contact details from the minicip we hurried to him but soon a sad news ,yes Ragu was no more and died a year ago,and now we got the point as ragu is no more his family have to take care of the shelter,his passion,his love. so they appointed to staff to look after that shelter and without proper governance and the love of Ragu these little 200 voiceless suffered a lot 

After,some discussion with our team and Guru, we had decided to take over the shelter under SDS care ,so we had directly approached Ragu's family to talk about this but they refused to do so saying that it was ragu's love and passion to take care of dog's and shelter so they don't have any idea  to leave it and they will continue to run the shelter ,we explained that this is inhuman and illegal but they refused,so finally we had decided to go in legal way and filed a complaint with the municip about the condition of the shelter and inhumane activity of the shelter,so please sign and share this petition with your friends and family to get the news out and save the 200 dogs from ill treatment