Save Jermy The dog who got attacked with acid in his attempt to stop a robbery

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Jermy is a 2 year old dog who was grown by the locals of Gandhi nagar,jermy was so loyal for the people of gandhinagar.on 19th of December it was a rainy night where local thugs set to rob the house of Mr.kothari who is cotton broker in a nearby market,when they were in an attempt to break into the house Jermy spotted them and begin to bark on them jermy kept them immovable for minutes after the locals got alerted,after realizing the situation the thugs tried to move but jermy did't wanted them to go he had bitten one of them,with an urge to move from the place before the locals arive they had thrown some highly corrosive materiel on jerm's face (Mostly Acid) poor jermy got acid thrown all over his head and face.An FIR had been filed in the local police station for attempt robery and animal abuse and the local police is investigation to find the thugs we hope they get arrested soon,but jery's condition is even worst the acid got spread all over his head and some near his left eye at first the locals did't realized what's happening to jermy,but when they realised it's acid they had called us for a rescue as it is late night there are only few volunteers with us so leaving one in the shelter we had hurried to gandhinagar as it's very late and lack of awareness among the people the corrosive substance had eroded jermy's head tissue's and reached his skull with a hope we took him to shelter and cleaned his head to stop the corrosive substance from eroding the skull,them we took jermy to the nearby vet and they took him as an emergency case and sent him for a skull CT to examine skull and damage thank god the the acid eroded only the outer part of the skull and the inner one is safe but what is sad here is there is a lot of loss in tissue causing tissue damage and vulnerable to infection and further tissue damage, and desperately needs surgical intervention to correct jermy's Mr.kothari had took care of jermy's medical expenses till toady but as per the current situation jermy's surgery and medical expenses would cost upto $4000 we are placing jermy's medical expenses before you all trough this fundraising petition,apart from being a street dog jermy is a loving and forgiving dog who lives in the moment and enjoys all the same delights every dog deserves.  Never without a big smile and a wagging tail, we are hoping that jermy can still rely on the goodness of people to help her through just one more hurdle in her please  Donate,Sign and share this fundraising petition and take part in saving jermy and giving him a new life even a single $ would help

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