Justice for dog who was tied with car and dragged for miles

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It was a fine morning where Mr.Darmar and his son travelling from their home to office noticed something cruel happening in front of them, yes they had saw a dog who got tied with a car getting dragged along with the car but no one around there was doing nothing regarding this.

Mr.Darmar was a lifetime member of SDS and worked with us in many projects on rescuing the voiceless ,so whe he saw such cruelty for a dog in front of him he realized what we had to do now so asked his son to take video coverage of the cruelty and to note down the vehicles registration number (as an evidence) Darmar sounded horn and given signal to the car driver to stop the car to save the dog but he did't responded so he rushed near him and tried to overtake and stop him but due to heavy traffic he can't but after 20 minutes of struggle he stopped him and and made him get out of the car and called the people around for help.

With some little help they had managed to rescue the dog and tried to tried to arrest the man to handover to the cops but while they are rescuing the dog the owner managed to get away, with a hope of having evidence Darma along with son called us with an emergency and reached us along with the dog in his car,when we saw him his body was covered with blood and tron skin,his jaw got broken,and there is a lot of cry in pain,his sufferings made us cry,so as a first step we had sedated him,so that he can forget the pain for some time,after giving the required aid we had sent him to Tecra vet for treatment.

He was unable to walk or stand,his jaw got broken and severe outer injuries, when we reached tecra they admitted him with casualty priority and taken him for primary examination, and we are waiting for the results with a hope he can survive.

With the help of the evidance collected by Darma's son we had filed a complaint against the car driver with the video footage and car number as evidence we hope the police can find him within hours with the help of evidence and we will surely get him before justice and get him the punishment he deserves. So let's join together and influence the arrest of this inhuman car driver and demand justice for this poor dog

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