Crystal was Raped and used for dog prostitution and finally abounded as he has cancer

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Crystal was the first rescue of 2020 and was rescued by our volunteer chandra,she rescued him from a junk yard where he was found traumatized and emaciated.She took him to the shelter first of all we taught that he was abounded by his family but we were shocked when we found semen traces in his private parts he may be raped the wounds in his body shows repeated abuse so we had took him to the vet and set for a medical examination the results conformed that he was raped not for days and but for years, another shocking thing the examination revealed is a splenic cancer.

Repeated abuse had made a twisted spleen like condition which reduces the blood flow and made them to clot and that is what the reason for the cancer we guess and also we guess the abuser was aware of this cancer and that's why they abounded him.

A team with our volunteers was created to collect more details about the abusers which will be helpful to file an FIR 

Why this petition:

          Crystal requires a 3 batch of blood transfusion prior the surgery which would cost 3k  per batch totally 9k and crystal's splenic surgery will be planned after the 3 batch of blood transfusion and getting him de-traumatized, a splenic cancer surgery would cost around 34k with post surgery care so crystal's medical expenses would cost us 43k in total as we are a little organisation run by students and working individuals we cannot spend this huge amount on a single dog as we already have 400+ dogs to take care of so most of our rescues depends on our sponsors and fundraising petitions, so please consider to donate and help us save crystal from his worst nightmare and gift him the life he deserves

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