Animal Abuse

Animal Abuse

13 September 2022
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Dr. Himanta Biswa Sarma (Chief Minister of Assam) and 6 others
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Why this petition matters

Started by Diksha Bhardwaj

A video of an elephant Joymola alias Jeymalyatha was published by Peta India on June 28,2022 in Twitter. The elephant can be heard wailing in pain while viciously beaten by the mahaouts of Srivilliputhur Nachiyar Thirukovil temple in Tamil Nadu. According to the report by PETA India, the temple authority has kept Jeymalyatha in illegal captivity for more than a decade after the lease of six months was expired and she was never returned to the Assam forest department. The report also says that the two mahaouts were suspended by Tamil Nadu’s Hindu Religious & Charitable Endowments Department but they were immediately released on bail. 

This case was first reported in February 2021 since then different mahaouts  were abusing Jeymalyatha in different locations and her current mahout used pliers to twist her skin as reported by The Hindu. Even after all these, it took more than a year to take action which is still under process to come to any proper solution. This is not just one case but there are many such cases that happened in the past and are still happening under the radar. 

According to Indian Panel Code(IPC) under section 428 and section 429, torturing, maiming or causing harm to any animal is a cognizable offence. This is a humble request to Assam government and the other state governments to thoroughly investigate on this matter and take proper action against the perpetrator so that no other animal suffers. Elephants are meant to be in their natural habitat with their herd, just like us in our home. India celebrates Ganesh chaturthi and believes Elephants as the form of the deity. If it is so, then why can’t we protect them and give them a safe environment to live in their natural habitat? In one of the reports of PETA India, as of 2019 there were 2675 elephants in captivity in India. They are used for different purposes traumatically torn from their mother when young, chained up, abused and kept in total isolation. Is that what we do with a living soul; no one deserves this.

It is an earnest request to the Assam Government and all the state governments to release these Elephants by providing them a safe environment where they are taken care of and live the rest of their life in harmony with nature and with their herd. Requesting to all the state governments to have a thorough checkup of their health, and take adequate measures for their protection and care. This is an appeal to Tamil Nadu government and Assam government to give back the life of Joymala or Jeymalyatha and all the other elephants where they are safe, cared and protected.

Animals are not commodities to be sold. They too have life, just like us.


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Signatures: 665Next Goal: 1,000
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  • Dr. Himanta Biswa SarmaChief Minister of Assam
  • Thiru M.K. StalinChief Minister of Tamil Nadu
  • Thiru K. RamachandranMinistry for forest
  • Supriya SahuAdditional Chief Secretary
  • Bhupendra YadavCabinet Minister of Environment and Forest