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Anima Macau: Please help us end the suffering of our greyhounds!

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The Closing of Macau Yat Yuen Canidrome

Since 2011, Anima has joint-forced with international animal rescue and protection organizations around the world to bring global attention to the pain and injuries that greyhounds are enduring each day throughout their racing “career”.

A quick glance at the Canidrome’s website will give you regular updates on the type of injuries suffered by their dogs because of racing - crucial information for gamblers to decide which dog to bet on or not. They are sadly euthanized at an average rate of 30 per month, even at the young age of two or three years old after they are found to be not “profitable”. 

These dogs are imported from Australia and the cycle of exploitation has lasted for the past 50 years. 18 races in each of their 22 racing evenings a month do not only cause tremendous harm to these animals physically and mentally, it also perpetuates gambling in a densely populated area in Macau.

As a result of our economic development over the past decades, the voices of Macau residents calling for our government to provide more land for public use can be heard everywhere.  The closing of the Canidrome will not only free up precious land for public housing with underground car-parking spaces for Fai Chi Kei residents, it can also be used to build a well-needed public central park in Macau.

After two long years of Anima urging the Canidrome to set up an active program of adoption, only two greyhounds have been adopted, and one of the adopters was its OWN VET!

Please sign this petition to support our effort in appealing to our Chief Executive Dr. Chui Sai On to bring this chapter of Macau’s dog-racing to an end when Yat Yuen’s concession expires in December this year. Thank you for helping us help them!

Albano Martins


聯署行動 - 關閉澳門逸園賽狗場



Anima 在兩年間多方施壓要求逸園設立狗隻領養計劃,到目前為止所被領養的祇有兩隻格力犬,而其中一名新主人竟然是該狗隻的獸醫。

請簽名支持Anima 壯大我們為格力犬申訴叫苦的聲音,要求特區政府崔世安長官於本年十二月逸園營運牌照屆滿時確實不再續發該賽狗營運牌照。




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