Tell Budweiser to not sponser 2020 pro bowl with Michael vick the convicted animal killer

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So animal lovers , advocates, rescues, crossposters, and so on are all banding together as one to make sure the convicted animal abuser/ killer/ dog fighter does not get honored at the pro bowl during the NFL game. I would like to ask that Anheuser-Busch, the company who makes Budweiser beer to not sponser this game. You see Budweiser happens to be the biggest sponser of the NFL. Every year we all see the commercials where Budweiser has the cute dogs and the horses. So to me that means they are animal lovers at heart. This year they will be spending millions on their commercials once again during the NFL breaks. So I have to ask myself how can a company such as Budweiser support a animal killer like Michael vic?. Its time to raise the stakes since NFL is doing nothing and go after Budweiser.  We need to ban together and put all our energy into boycotting Budweiser.  When I was a child I always loved their compassion for animals. I sit here now in disbelief that they would allow such a dishonor to the public. How could they have not stepped up before now and said enough was enough. Michael Vic hung dogs from trees, He killed some by running high voltoge electric thru their bodies by electrocuting them to death. He fought dogs to the death and discarded of their bodies. Is this what Budweiser is all about? Have they just put on a show all these years with no care for pets at all.  It's time that we ask Budweiser to not participate in funding the NFL for the game where Michael vic will be honored.  How can we honor a dog killer. Is this the type of monster that we want our kids looking up too. The NFL has no morals,  it's now time to see if Budweiser has morals.  BUDWEISER DONT SPONSER THE PRO BOWL. BACK OUT NOW AND PROTECT NOT ONLY YOUR NAME BUT FUTURE ANIMALS.                                     IN THIS PETITION WE AS ANIMAL LOVERS ASK  commissioner Roger Goodell to step down. You have made the NFL a disgrace. You have single handedly made the whole NFL look like a bad. You are a sick and twisted man who can not be trusted. You allow people like Michael Vick dog killers to be honored, when he should have been kicked out the NFL all together.  Every time I look at the news, there are players from the NFL being charged with crimes. STOP hiring and allowing felons to continue to be in the public eye. These are not the people we need as role models for our children. You do Not have the best interest of the NFL at heart. You are allowing your greed for money dictate who plays. Step down now