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Stop Orange County Animal Services FL from heart stick killing of dogs with room available

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This is to express my anger and disgust that I feel towards OCAS. They have at least 6 dogs listed for euthanasia, no TO BE KILLED when there are currently over 3 dozen empty kennels and many dogs are in single kennels.

YOUR WORDS OCAS "Protecting the citizens and animals of Orange County". AND FOR "The care and well-being of all animals in the custody of Orange County Animal Services (OCAS) is of the utmost importance."

HOW is that mission statement not a total lie when there are more than 3 dozen kennels empty. Heart stick is not only inhumane but is totally not necessary with that many empty kennels.

Wednesday morning 12/6/2017 at least 6 healthy or with sponsored treatment very healthy pups, will be KILLED- NO MURDERED With empty kennels.

THAT IS NOT ONLY APPALLING but I do believe totally evil. So explain to the citizens that pay your salaries WHY this is allowed to happen.

I would expect more compassion and professionalism but it is my belief that Mr Luther has more than once broken the creed on your mission statement when it comes to the animals supposedly under his care. HE NEED TO BE REPLACED.

Please we deserve an explanation WHY and the practice has to stop.
Betsy VanderLey

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