Angela Rayner: Hold an inquiry into sabotage by senior Labour officials

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Angela Rayner,

As Deputy Leader and Chair of the party, we call on you to oversee an inquiry into former senior officials sabotaging Labour’s election campaign in 2017 and engaging in disgusting and abusive behaviour towards members.

We are shocked and horrified by revelations in a leaked internal report showing a culture of contempt for members, abuse, inaction on racism, bureaucratic fixing and extreme unprofessionalism at the top level of Labour HQ under then-General Secretary Iain McNicol. Private chat messages even show one senior official admitting that taking away the Tories' majority in 2017 was “opposite to what I had been working towards for the last couple of years!!”

You were elected Deputy Leader on a manifesto to organise and empower the membership and make Labour a more effective campaigning force. We, as members, have had our morale shattered upon finding that all the blood, sweat and tears we put into the 2017 election was undermined by a group of senior officials. For our trust to be restored this scandal must be officially acknowledged by the party and action must be taken against the individuals involved. We call on you to request the Labour whip is removed from Lord McNicol while your inquiry is undertaken, and that others shamed by the report – including Patrick Heneghan, Emilie Oldknow, Sarah Mulholland, Mike Creighton and John Stoliday – are also suspended while you investigate.

We, the members, give our time and energy to campaign for Labour and pay the subs that keep the party running. We cannot be ignored. This cannot be brushed under the carpet. We need an inquiry, and it is within your remit as Chair to oversee it and take accountability for it.