Stop war! Stop Azerbaijan from invading Karabakh and killing Armenian people

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'' There is no reason for Armenia to kickstart another bout of conflict with Azerbaijan over the disputed Nagorno-Karabakh region. Basically, Armenians won the war of the 1990s, they have all the territory they want, their incentive is to normalize the status quo.''
  Thomas de Waal, British journalist, and expert on the Caucasus told Ahval in an exclusive interview.

Armenians are indigenous to the territory known as The Armenian Highlands. This region is sometimes referred to as Eurasia or Eastern Anatolia and includes the region south of the Caucasus Mountains. (s map from 1st century BC).

During the 1920s, the region known as '' Nagorno-Karabakh'' was placed under the jurisdiction of Azerbaijan by Soviet authorities such as Stalin, despite its majority Armenian populace.

In 1988, right before the collapse of the Soviet Union, Armenians in the region started demanding to be reunited with Armenia or be granted Independence. As tensions grew, ethnic violence on both sides ensued. Forced deportations of Armenians from Azerbaijan (and vice-versa) also took place.

in 1992 full - scale war broke out and continued until Armenias gained full control of Nagorno - Karabakh and its surrounding territories, in 1994 with 30.000 lives lost, a ceasefire was signed by both sides.

To this day the conflict remains frozen. Since Azerbaijan still aspires to gain back control of Nagorno-Karabakh and its surrounding territories, there are occasional flare-ups in violence near this border. On July 12 - 13, Azerbaijan once again breached the ceasefire, this time at the border of Armenia proper.

In 1988, the Armenian Supreme Soviet hoped to reunify Artsakh with Armenia; however, the Supreme Soviet of Azerbaijan rejected the proposals in hopes of claiming Artsakh as part of Azerbaijan.
As the situation intensified over Artsakh, in 1991, Artsakh declared its independence and signed a ceasefire treaty with Azerbaijan in 1994.

Another ceasefire was signed in 2016 when the Azerbaijani's provoked violence in Artsakh.
On July 12th, Azerbaijan has advanced into the Tavush region of Armenia: however Armenian Armed Forces, despite suffering losses, were able to push them back.
Azerbaijan continues to advance attacking a mask Factory and kindergarten, making threats to destroy a nuclear power plant in Armenia, and taking an Armenian citizen as a hostage.
Azerbaijan is violating the ceasefire treaty. The UN and OSCE Minsk group have failed to acknowledge the violation.
Amid a pandemic, Azerbaijan threatens once more on 27. 09. 2020 to jeopardize Armenian's health and safety.