Save Goytre Surgery

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The Health Board has received an application to close the Goytre branch of Churchwood Surgery. Goytre is a village of nearly 3000 people & this number is growing due to development of new housing in the area.

The closure of Goytre Surgery would mean that many of the residents of Goytre, which is a village consisting mainly of young children & the elderly, - two groups of society who are most in need of healthcare, would be robbed of an accessible healthcare facility. The closure would also affect many of the surrounding areas of Goytre, including Mamhilad & Little Mill, two areas which have no healthcare facilities of their own & rely heavily on the Goytre Surgery branch.

This petition is to address the Aneurin Bevan Health Board in order to strengthen the demand of Goytre Surgery service users; that the Goytre Surgery remain open, for the livelihood & health of those it treats.

A physical version of this petition will be available to sign in & around Goytre for residents without internet access as soon as possible.

Thank you.

(header photo: Goytre Wharf Reflections by David Roberts via Wikipedia)