Getting rid of the new year round absentee policy

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A new attendance policy was made for the ANESU school district. I personally feel parents were not fully made of aware of this policy.  This new policy was briefly mentioned in a e-mailed news letter (not all parents had access to this).

 The new policy states they are now counting the absence over a 365 day period (didn't know we were year round) instead of getting a "clean slate" at the start of the school year. If this is true my issue with this is the flu season runs from Oct -March. So what happens if your kid gets the flu in march and then gets the flu again that following oct...are we suppose to send them to school sick(sarcasm) because they missed a couple days the previous school year due to the flu. 

There are letters that will be being sent home to parents when their kids miss days (a lot of kids are sick right now) and of course the lovely phone call we get. I truly feel this new rule will cause parents to send their kids to school sick because they are afraid that Chief Gibbs will be knocking at their door or DCF (yes, DCF is mention in these letters). Sending a sick kid to school only means more sick kids then we end up with repeat stomach bug going around like last Jan, when the school should of been closed in other to clean it properly. Kids can not focus when sick!

This new policy counts an absent as an absent, whether your kid has a doctors note or not it is still being factored in. 

My other concern is this new policy is creating more work for teachers and staff, they are already stretched thin. The focus should be teaching and educating our kids not penalizing them for getting sick! This petition will be sent to our new superintendent. 

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