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Andy Lopez was gunned down, by a sheriff, in a neighborhood that has for the most part been forgotten about by the powers that be.  Moreover, the youth in the area in which he was killed do not have a park for recreational use.  Andy, and many kids, instead of playing at a park used a vacant field to play.  There, many of these kids actively played with air soft "guns."  The very type of "gun" Andy was carrying when he was killed as he was walking by this empty lot and on his way to return the air soft "gun" to a friend, the rightful owner.  Let us come together, and be sure the kids in that neighborhood are parkless no longer!

Letter to
Board of Supervisor 1st District Susan Gorin
Board of Supervisor 2nd District David Rabbitt
Board of Supervisor 3rd District Shirlee Zane
and 3 others
Board of Supervisor 4th District Mike Mcguire
Board of Supervisor 5th District Efren Carillo
All City Council
Petition to Support the Creation of
The Andy Lopez Memorial Park