Justice for Breonna Taylor

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Breonna Taylor was a black woman who worked as an emergency room technician, in two hospitals, during the pandemic. She won an EMT and model citizen award.

On March 13, Police in Louisville—on a drug raid—forged their way into the home of 26 years old, Breonna Taylor. Without announcing themselves, the officers barged through the door and shot her 8 times, to her death. 
The Louisville police, in the end of the day, found no drugs in her home since, Taylor wasn’t even the suspect of the polices investigation. It turns out the main suspect had already been ARRESTED before this. 

After her death, the city treated Breonna like a criminal, claiming she was a ”suspect” before coming out and admitting that she was an innocent victim.

1.The ”no-knock” warrant the police used completely violates the Constitutional rights to reasonable search and seizure. 

2. Please sign this petition to charge John Mattingly, Brett Hankison, Myles Cosgrove, and any other officer involved in the coverup death of Breonna Taylor. Thus far, there has been NO charges, even though it has been 4 month. This is an intolerable act and we must speak up. 

Please share this in your social media and get the word out. Breonna Taylor and her family deserve justice.