Remove the cancer of micro-transactions from AAA budget games

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A growing cancer of micro-transactions and lootboxes needs to be stopped, it's encouraging gamers, who are collectors at heart, to become gambling addicts with little to gain and a lot to lose.

The problem
Lootboxes are often bought with in game currency, said currency is throttled to frustrating levels often requiring hours or sometimes days of play, if locked behind daily quests, to earn enough to gamble on a single box, that box can contain something cosmetic/fraction of currency you spent/gameplay enhancements/progression system, the random number generation used is the deciding factor if your effort was worth the investment or not.

Of course all the time investment can be circumvented if you're willing to part with real money in order to gamble on the lootboxes resulting in the Pay to Win scenario of games that give boosts or gameplay altering items from them.

Recently big game developer/publisher companies have been releasing full priced games £40-£70+ with a free to play model, the model being that game is supposed to be free to download and is sustained/paid for by micro-transactions made inside it if the player wants to invest in them.

The solution
Remove lootboxes, it's gambling, if it costs the minimum hourly wage to buy an item in game then a progression system should be implemented whose value equals the minimum hourly wage should allow a player to actively play for an hour and obtain the same item as another player who spent their £7-10 of their real money, there is then no forcing a player to spend more money in order to be able to progress in the game or acquire a desired cosmetic but the option is there if they would like to.

Our time should be as valuable as anyone else.

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