No Bank CEO Bonuses

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I’ve been lobbying hard for 18 years to make the Banking Royal Commission a reality. This year, it finally happened and like many hardworking Australians, it has left me in a state of shock and anger. What these banks have gotten away with is unethical and at times criminal.

So why is it that the bank CEOs are getting massive, multi-million dollar bonuses? Some of their contracts and exit fees can amount to up to $150 million for five years work.

NAB CEO Andrew Thorburn will this year pocket $4.375 million after bonuses. What’s worse, NAB claims this is punishment as he will earn $2 million less this year. The banks’ shareholders are up in arms and have been protesting by voting against the banks' remuneration reports.

I think we need to send a bigger message to the banks. Those of us who don’t have a vote on the big banks AGM floors need to be heard too - we’re the ones who have been screwed over by the banks’ dodgy behaviour.   

We’re the ones who have been charged for services we never received. We’re the ones who lost our houses thanks to unrealistic loans. We’re the ones who learned that our departed family members had been charged fees for over a decade.

To see these banks rolling out bonuses and offensive salary packages for CEOs and executives is a slap in the face for every Australian who has been affected by the big banks' dodgy behaviour.

Can you please sign my petition, and send a message to the big banks CEOs: No bonuses for you, until you fix the mess you made, compensate your victims, and earn back our trust.

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