Demand Derek Sloan's Resignation For His Racist Comments Against Dr. Theresa Tam

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"Does she work for Canada or for China?"

On April 21, 2020, Derek Sloan, the Conservative Minister of Parliament for Hastings—Lennox and Addington openly asked this question of Dr. Theresa Tam in a video posted to his Facebook page.

It is an affront to all Canadians - who value our diverse, multicultural society - for Derek Sloan to be questioning the loyalties of the ethnically Chinese, Hong Kong-born immigrant Chief Public Health Officer (CPHO). Dr. Tam is highly-regarded in her field and appointed to the role of the country's top doctor.

His attack goes well beyond any legitimate criticisms of Dr. Tam's decision making as CPHO and instead insinuates that her ethnicity should call her loyalties to her country into question. 

Across Canada and around the world, there is increasing anti-Asian sentiment linked to COVID-19, resulting in increased racism and violence against Canadians who are ethnically Asian. Derek Sloan's dangerous rhetoric dogwhistles to extremists and not only normalizes casual racism but fans its flames. Already, the comments sections on his MP Facebook page are filled with people accusing Chinese-Canadians of being Chinese spies.

We are less than 80 years removed from the internment of innocent Japanese-Canadians during World War II under the pretense of "national security". Derek Sloan's statements set us down a path to history repeating itself in a shameful chapter in our nation's story. 

As of April 26, the video still remains up on Derek Sloan's Facebook page. Derek Sloan remains unrepentant for his racist statement and refuses to issue an apology. In fact, he even goes further in posting a letter on his MP Facebook page where he doubles down on his assertion that he did no wrong in calling Dr. Tam's allegiances to her country into question. Conservative Party leader Andrew Scheer has chosen to stay silent on the issue, due to Sloan running for party leadership. This is an unacceptable excuse for failing to act and a failure of leadership by Andrew Scheer. Derek Sloan is unfit to represent Canadians as an MP, let alone be allowed to run for the leader of the Conservative Party.

However, Conservative MP Michelle Rempel was critical of Sloan and his racially charged attack on Dr. Tam in her Twitter thread: ... "Does she work for China or for Canada". That's what you said. Not, "I have concerns about the advice she's been providing to Canadians" or "the response of the WHO needs to be severely scrutinized". Why did you use the former phrasing as opposed to the latter? I can't believe I have to say this (and profuse apologies to her to have to be part of a public object lesson to an MP), but Dr. Tam is of Asian heritage. So when you say, "does she work for China or for Canada" many people will think you're suggesting she has dual loyalties.The dual loyalty canard has long been an antisemetic trope, or used to perpetuate racist stereotypes. ...

We stand with the CAO and Warden of Hastings County in demanding Derek Sloan's expulsion from the Conservative Party of Canada. 

We are demanding:

  1. Derek Sloan and the Conservative Party of Canada apologize to Canadians and Dr. Theresa Tam for Sloan's racist statements against her.
  2. Derek Sloan's immediate resignation as MP for Hastings-Lennox and Addington.
  3. Andrew Scheer and the Conservative caucus remove Derek Sloan from the Conservative Party and remove him immediately as a MP for Hastings-Lennox and Addington.