Andrew Rodriguez deserves 20+ No Parole - He slaughtered my father!

Andrew Rodriguez deserves 20+ No Parole - He slaughtered my father!

August 18, 2022
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Started by Alix Anderson

Walter Anderson (Jay) was on his moped coming home from work night shift when he was hit from behind by a 2017 Hurrican Lamborghini going over 141 miles per hour in a 45 mph. He was drugged under the car for a whole block for yards and yards…….before the car even slowed down to stop. His body was tore in half. His bottom torso was yards in front of the impact point ,the top half of his torso was at the end of the block and the rest of his remains were spread all over Russell.

“Using data from the Lamborghini, investigators determined that Rodriguez reached 141 mph before trying to slow down. The car decreased to 127 mph by the time the airbags deployed, the report said”-review journal.

A father ,Grandfather ,Brother, Son ,Uncle!!              REST HIS SOUL!!!!!   Walter (Jay) had half of his life left. It’s wasn’t his time to leave us. His grandchildren have to miss out on having a grandfather. Andrew Rodriguez was here for vacation for his birthday he was posting all over social media videos and pictures of drinking , a huge rented mansion , nice cars , shopping at high end stores , even driving unsafe. This man choose to drink do drugs and drive 141 mph with no license && this isn’t his first offense…

The DA thought sentencing him for up to six years was equivalent to our dad splattered yards and yards all over Russell. I understand that money talks but this is not right as soon as this man gets out he could kill someone else. He already showed he didn’t learn his lesson by getting his license taking for prior DUIs. This man deserves 20+ years at least !!!! He deserves the rest of the life that our father could have lived to be in prison. We need as many people who agree with us to please sign so we can make a difference !!!! This case is not the only case like this ,there’s been multiple deadly DUI crashes that we’ve ONLY heard about. We need harsher consequences. The laws need to change. Something needs to happen!

Please help us make a difference !! We want Andrew Rodriguez to not be released on parole. He needs to stay in prison longer than six years he should do 20+!!


Below are family members heart ache comments-

Mr Andrew Rodriguez you took a wonderful man away, you shall pay for what and who you completely destroyed.  He was a great person and great brother.  I hope and pray that everyday you take a breath you see his face of who you killed.  You are a piece of, well you know what you are.Remember if you drink/drugs and get behind the wheel of a car you have chosen your murder weapon. Don’t drink and drive.  You are not the one who suffers.  RIP Jaye I love and miss you.   I am so sorry. - Joan (sister)

Life is such a precious gift, so when it’s taken to soon by a senseless/reckless act , it breaks your soul. Walter R Anderson (Jaye) was killed by a drunk driver going 141 mph. People wake up, with all the ride shares out there, there is absolutely no reason at all to drink and drive, it is such a selfish act. Please think of others before getting behind the wheel. Rest In Peace Jaye. All my love and prayers to his family. -Tonya (loving friend)

 It is beyond any words I can share losing a member of your family in the manner my brother Jaye Anderson died details are gruesome  ,The notification by officials to say the least disgusting we had to do the researching no family should ever have to go thru that process I am going to make its my mission to get that changed As well as work diligent  to get introduced and passed “NO BAIL for DUI with DEATH “ I feel MURDER  Iam sorry that’s how I feel -His attorneys made a statement Please keep a open mind and let the justice system work .Hmmmm facts are clear “drinking Alcohol get in a exotic  Lamborghini at speeds in access of 141 mph striking a man on a MOPED another fact  there friends were in a Lamborghini SUV who was next to him  Andrew James Rodrigues  and fiancée  Sabrina He punched the gas Showing off I assume and hit my brother -his friends have posted comments on his page on Facebook -we all make mistakes have accidents and only God can judge him that part is true but hear on earth he will be judged in the court of law They got it wrong mistake possibly accident nope Murder he made  a choice to get in a fast car drunk abd he pressed the accelerator to hit that speed ! -Toni (sister)

You may be gone but will never  be forgotten, your spirt will live Through us all everyday! I will always love you and Carry you in my heart! Just remember to  hug your loved ones and tell them you love them everyday tomorrow is never promised! I love you Jaye Anderson���❤️
- Melissa (niece)

RiP my brother Jaye AndersonI  who was on a scooter -I love you forever till we again For all those that DRINK and drive Don’t  he didn’t deserve to be killed and hit  from behind  by A 32 year old under the influence driving a exotic car Lamborghini - sister 


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Signatures: 703Next Goal: 1,000
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