Reconsider using water cannons, smoke, sirens and helicopters to disperse the black flying-fox colony in Lissner Park after requesting a Damage Mitigation Permit.

All flying-fox camps are full of mothers and babies at this time of the year and whilst many babies are still being carried by their mothers, the majority are too big for mothers to fly with and will be left in creche trees at the mercy of the water cannons. Water cannons break bones and helicopters create down drafts that smash bodies and wings. Sir David Attenborough has been interviewed re the CT dispersal and Mr Castley-Wright said he was aiming to recruit more high-profile people to shame the Queensland Government into taking action to protect the animals. "I will report any animal cruelty to the world... That will lead to Queensland being shamed, as it should be, for such disgraceful inhumane action.'' he said.
What do they define as "cruelty" ..  they don’t have to wait for the first baby flying fox to die for proof of cruelty, cruelty starts as soon as the dispersal begins because it's a maternity colony! Unprotected tiny babies in the trees are going to be terrified and their mothers WILL NOT be allowed to help them, even though they will hear their frightened screams. If that isn’t cruelty what is? Imagine any mothers not being able to protect their defenceless babies when they know they are in extreme danger!!

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