This case to be reopened and the arresting officers charged for their negligence

This case to be reopened and the arresting officers charged for their negligence

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This is Jasmine Lawrence,

She was arrested with friends in New York City and Died in Police Custody.  The police was supposed to take her to the nearest police station for processing at the "77th Precinct" but for some reason, the officers rode pass the 77th Precinct and drove Jasmine all the way up to the 79th Precinct!!! � It took them 2 Hours to get her there! They then separated her from her friends and put her in a holding cell, by herself... Jasmine began to have a severe SEIZURE in her holding cell at Midnight. � The correctional officers didn't even get Jasmine to the Hospital until 12:45am � ...nearly an hour later... where she was pronounced Dead. �

October 26th will mark 6 YEARS since her death. Her family and friends still have questions that have not been answered!

My Question is... Why did they skip the neighborhood precinct and take her all the way up to the 79th precinct? Why did they drive this girl around for 2 hours??? When she finally got to the precinct, why did they separate her from her friends and isolate her? Did they not want her to communicate what had occurred? And finally, when She had her life-threatening Seizure. WHY DID IT TAKE ALMOST AN HOUR TO GET HER TO THE HOSPITAL!?!?! What Happened to Jasmine?

Prior to her death, Jasmine was trying to recieve treatment for her seizures that she started having a few months prior. She was undergoing testing to find out the cause and proper treatment for her condition. Police officers admitted to assuming she was faking while to them it's a mistake that no one has been held accountable for a life is still GONE. The commissioner of nyc in 2014 assured to investigate and here we are 2020 no investigation,  no justice and no answers. 

 #WhatHappenedToJasmine? #JasmineLawrence