PROTECT THE UNBORN; REPEAL NYS Abortion Law (RHA) passed on 1/22.

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Fellow New Yorkers, on January 22, 2019, the NYS Senate passed a barbaric law, under the deceptive guise of "privacy" and "women's rights", called the Reproductive Health Act.

This bill, which was subsequently and hurriedly, signed into law by NYS Governor Andrew Cuomo, strikes down the former law, that legally allowed abortions to be performed up until birth, but ONLY when the pregnancy/birth posed a physical threat to the mother's life.

Going even further than Roe v. Wade , the RHA legalizes abortion UP UNTIL BIRTH, with DANGEROUSLY vague circumstances that include "endangers the mother's life or health"; leaving patients and their doctor's wide-open leeway for interpretation.  The language is generic and subjective, as to not offend nor to restrict.

The law also stipulates that doctors will not face criminal charges in performing any such abortion, by moving abortion law from the NYS penal code (criminal offenses) law to the NYS health code law (non-criminal offenses).

The law also further strips the rights of the unborn by making the killing of a baby in utero, by an assailant, during the course of an assault or murder of the mother, not a chargeable homicide.

If you are a New Yorker, man OR woman, outraged and saddened by this law, that will undoubtedly lead to countless more of the unborn being aborted, throughout NYS, (already termed the "abortion Capitol of the United States"), and want to send a clear message that this is NOT your New York, sign today!

We, not just as New Yorkers, but as human beings, have a responsibility and moral obligation to protect the rights of the voiceless, the unborn! 

Please sign, to urge the repeal or amendment of the Reproductive Health Act!

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