Relocate Montauk Brewing Co

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     Montauk Brewing Company claims the support of equal rights and the black community but does so from a bubble of white comfort, privilege and economic safety.

     Montauk Brewing Company resides in the town of East Hampton boasting a racial demographic makeup of 91 percent white and 3 percent black. A severe disparity not coinciding with Montauks Brewing Company’s claims of being “equal”.

     Owners Eric Moss and Vaughan Cutillo are the businesses runners and no Black identifying persons have any major role as theirs in the company.

     Montauk Brewing Company should not continue to play fake with their political speak and rather take meaningful decisive real world action and relocate to a predominant area occupying the peoples and community MBC claims to support. 

     East New York boasts a demographic of 63 percent black and vastly below 1 percent white and has long suffered from a continued economical pain. Montauk Brewing Company relocating to this specific historically plagued area would bring about real world change, and would display a leadership of “good people doing good things”.