Recall Governor Andrew Cuomo

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Governor Andrew Cuomo is not following his Oath of Office, The Constitution of New York State, The Constitution of the United States of America,  The Will of the People or The Rule of Law. He allows Illegal Aliens NYS benefits and Legal Protection while New York is more than 6 Billion Dollars in the red.

Cuomo and Albany Legislators just gave themselves a raise, passed insane Bail Reform Laws which allow Criminals out of Bail and Jail, Prison reform; closing Prisons because Cuomo spent all of NYS Budget on Illegal Aliens, Allowing Driver Licenses for Illegal Aliens so they can Vote, allow those who pay Illegal Aliens "under the table" to commit tax fraud and more.

Andrew Cuomo was under Investigation for Corruption/Bid Rigging regarding Joe Percoco,  Sheldon Silver and many others. This Investigation dissapeared and Sheldon Silver still walks NYC streets freely. This means our JUSTICE SYSTEM has been in New York. This is an EMERGENCY just as much as the above Treason, Tyranny, Sedition and Corruption. 

Andrew Cuomo has many Criminals backing him. The Clinton Criminal Organization, which encompasses The Obamas, George Soros, Senators, Legislators and MANY others.

This is an EMERGENCY!!!