Petition to Introduce a Bill Called "Thomas's Law"

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“As a parent, I am horrified by what happened to this beautiful boy,” said Suffolk County Executive Bellone. “As county executive, I want to know if there’s anything else that could have been done under existing law to prevent this from happening. Beyond that, I want to know if anything, in this case, suggests that changes should be made to existing policy or law.”

Mr. Bellone yes there is a change you can help us fight for...

Please join me as I petition for a new Law to be passed called "Thomas's Law" in memory and honor of 8-year-old Thomas Valva who suffered serious abuse, trauma and tragically froze to death by his father Michael Valva and stepmother Angela Pollina. This unfathomable murder could and should have been prevented, however many people failed Thomas, his brothers, and stepsisters. CPS and Family Court Judges in Suffolk County, NY disregarded the 20 plus calls and letters regarding suspected abuse of the children by teachers, school nurses, school social workers, and his Mother Justyna who wrongfully was stripped of custody even after she presented proof of abuse by Michael Valva.

The children were seen eating food out of the school garbage because they were being starved by the parents in their care. They had visible signs of abuse, came to school with urine drenched clothing, and showed signs of frostbite. School officials exhausted all options and followed protocol with contacting CPS and had no choice but to send these children home with dangerous parents against there better judgment because their hands were tied. And the reality of this is so many teachers across our country experience this and so many children go home to relentless abuse while the understaffed and underpaid child protective department falls short. 

Thomas's Law would give authority to School officials in this situation to detain a child during the school day when they suspect abuse and fear for their welfare until an official from CPS comes to take the child to safety while a complete, thorough investigation is conducted or they call police and send child to hospital, either way, This would ensure no other child has to suffer the way Thomas had to and be sent on the school bus with a death sentence while officials from the school went home sick with worry and stress.  School districts each need a direct line to caseworker designated to each district, a universal hotline number to call does nothing as we have seen with this case.  I don’t know if this is the exact remedy but I do know the schools need a new protocol and less red tape and we can certainly build on this. We need accountability with checks and balances.

Mr. Bellone please accept this introduction to a bill and help us to create a positive change to protect children, be their voice and ensure Thomas Valva does not die in vain.