Oppose Proposed Legislation Bill A2912a (Paulin) and Bill A973a (Paulin)

Oppose Proposed Legislation Bill A2912a (Paulin) and Bill A973a (Paulin)

December 4, 2019
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Why this petition matters

Started by Lisa McDermott

As a parent and New York citizen I am vehemently opposed to all of the below proposed legislation: 

S3899a (Krueger) /A973a (Paulin) which would allow minors to get vaccines for hepatitis B at any age, and Gardasil (HPV) at age nine without parental knowledge or consent. 

Bill S298b (Hoylman) /A2912 (Paulin) which would require all seventh graders in the state to get Gardasil, in order to attend school.

Bill S2776 (Hoylman) / A2316 (Dinowitz) which would require annual flu vaccines for all children in the state in order to attend daycare or preschool and K-12. 

All of these bills represent both a full frontal assault on parental rights, and a severely misguided approach to public health. 

Specifically, regarding Bill S3899a :  This bill is nothing more than thinly veiled coercion of our most vulnerable citizens, our children. Once children are out of a parent’s sight adults will be able to push these Medical Interventions without repercussions. Parents will not even need to be informed that their child has received these products which come with very real and not rare side effects. 

More about Gardasil and Bills S3899 / S2776 : In the case of Merck’s Gardasil we are talking about a product which has been taken off the recommended schedule in Japan due to “An undeniable causal relationship between persistent pain and the vaccination”(cited - March 25th, 2017 – The Gardasil Vaccine on Trial). The rates of injury in regards to this vaccine are very alarming worldwide. It is a vaccine with extremely severe and life threatening side effects, as well as death, and has actually been linked to causing the very cancer (Cervical) it presumes to protect children from. 

Specifically, regarding Bill S2776 :  The influenza vaccine is one of the most widely documented failures on a year to year basis. This year is no different with an efficacy rating of 9-18% In addition to it’s ineffectiveness it is also always among the most dangerous, with the most injuries reported, and it’s injury payouts are frequently the highest. Side effects are not just benign and include Guillain-barre Syndrome, Seizure Disorders , SIRVA, Brachial Neuritis and Type 1 Diabetes to name just a few as well as death. Adults, many who are mandated for their work in the Health industry or Military are often the victims. Are you really ready to take full responsibility for the inevitable harm to that will be caused to our most vulnerable by a product which has never been proven to even create a positive outcome for Public Health!!!

Good Ideas Do Not Require Force!

Please stand up for Children!

Vote on the side of Parents, Not Pharma!

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Signatures: 1,690Next Goal: 2,500
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