Make declawing illegal in NY!

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The change will protect cats from the inhumane act of declawing. It's not as simple as when you clip your furry companion's claws, it's much much worse. Declawing mutilates the paws: If performed on a human, declawing would be like cutting off each finger at the last knuckle. This is to prevent the claws from growing-- ever. It's painful, and owners use it cosmetically, just so they can prevent their cat from ruining sofas, couches, or to avoid training their cat from scratching.

There’s alternatives to declawing: claw caps, training, etc.

Do you declaw your dogs, because their claws might scratch you or ruin something? STOP this double standard. and plus: THE CAT WILL JUST RESORT TO BITING! It's painful and can cause lifelong side effects and lameness. The NIH, CDC, USPHS, and IDSA, all have specifically stated that declawing is not advised.

There's a bill, but it hasn't even passed senate! Let's remind them WE CARE! Let's remind them that we LOVE our animals and want the best for them! Only eight cities in CA, and the city and county of Denver, Colorado have made declawing illegal, the fact that NY Vet clinics still provide this service so freely is disgusting!