Let NY Mall Employees Get Back to Work!

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As employees, business owners, friends and family of employees, and shoppers of NY State malls that are ready to re-open, we are here to tell you that malls are being treated unfairly! We demand answers so that thousands and thousands of people can get back to their jobs. Our local economies need this in order to have a fighting chance to survive and rebound after COVID-19.

We're Ready.

Seven of New York State’s ten regions will officially enter Phase Four this week. Despite the extensive measures that have been taken to ensure the safety of shoppers, staff and guests, the entertainment, retail and food businesses across NY shopping centers continue to be left behind for no apparent reason.

We need for our frustrations to be shared and heard by New York State officials:
· Businesses continue to be treated unfairly as freestanding competitors move through reopening phases, despite being fully prepared to follow guidance

· Our malls demand equal treatment and to be permitted to open at the same time as other businesses in the local market and in neighboring states

· 50,000 workers and 5,000 businesses have been sidelined by New York State’s refusal to allow stores, restaurants and entertainment venues to re-open in malls

· NY mall properties and venues are as safe, or safer, than those occupied by freestanding retailers and restaurants across the state that have been allowed to re-open, in addition to public swimming pools, tattoo parlors, subways, airplanes, buses, trains and more.

You’re ready. We’re ready.

Let New York State malls re-open!