Keep Convicted Murderer, Sam Ayala, Behind Bars for Life!

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Please sign this petition to let Governor Andrew Cuomo know that you feel this egregious decision on the part of the parole board will not only deeply compromise the safety and well-being of the general public, but will guarantee the victims' children will live the rest of their lives in fear. This sociopath should remain behind bars for the rest of his life-- where he belongs!

Today's New York Post (8/10/2020) described it best:

"Samuel Ayala — part of a trio of fiends convicted in the horrific attack on Bonnie Minter and her friend Sheila Watson during a play date in Watson’s South Salem home in 1977 — is set to be released as early as Sept. 3, according to the board and Minter’s now-adult son Jason on Facebook on Monday."

In the words of Jason Minter, one of the victim's children, "a remorseless sociopath" is about to be released and free to live among us. Minter whose mother was one of victims describes in his own gut-wrenching words all that he and his sister have done to try to keep this animal behind bars...

Our family has very unfortunate and shocking news. We have written about our recent experience below.

It was mid-March 2020. COVID 19 panic was sweeping the country. There was talk of releasing those at high risk from prison early. Meetings became remote-access only.

My sister, Maggie, and I grew anxious regarding our regular 18-month task of keeping the man who brutalized us as young children, and raped and murdered our mother and her friend Sheila Watson, locked up until the end of his life.

In the past, we had been able to meet with a parole board member to give an emotional, and sometimes harrowing statement, as victims. But now, we were told by New York State that our impact statements were to be made over the phone only.

We reasoned that with our statements and overwhelming public support, that Samuel Ayala, given the sheer viciousness and barbarity of his crime, would never be considered for release.
Ayala was the ring leader in the beating, rape, and murder of our mother and her friend, which we and Sheila's two children witnessed in a brutal home invasion in 1977 as three and six-year-olds.

We knew Ayala lied to the parole board during his interviews and figured he would be disqualified for release. We had informed the board of his miss truths and offered proof. For example, Ayala claimed that he was 19 when he was 26. He also lied and said he was frightened for his own life on the day of the crimes because his companions were pressuring him. Still, we knew/know from our personal experience on that day as well as testimony from others, that He was the mastermind of the crime.

We attended the many, many years of repeated parole board hearings. We know the board was aware that Ayala joked and laughed at his prowess during the rapes. They also knew that we very vividly remember his cackling laughter as he raced down the stairs and through the house that day after personally firing the multiple bullets that killed both my mom and her friend as they crawled away. Children saw this. Children heard this. Children do not forget these kinds of details.

Six years ago, when the board asked Ayala if he hadn't run out of bullets, would he have killed the four young children present so that there were indeed no witnesses, he did not answer. His silence said it all.

The board also knew that during the late 1970s, when this was tried in court, Judge Richard Daranco, stated that unfortunately, 25 year to life sentence was the maximum possible under law in the state where the crime occurred. He wanted this fact to go on record so that parole board members would know it was the court's wishes to have Ayala (and his now dead partner Willie Profit) in prison for life. Had this happened elsewhere? He'd have issued without reluctance, a different outcome other than the maximum years of sentencing.

For years, we have done our due diligence by being present at every single hearing and reliving this crime. We have traveled many, many miles to meet with board members in person. We have pointed out each and every time Ayala has lied to the board.

We pleaded with the board members, letting them know how we would live in fear if Ayala were ever released--he is a remorseless sociopath.

We were also unable to meet with a board member due to their rules regarding COVID on this last parole hearing cycle. We were willing to meet anyone we needed to speak with, even through zoom.

It occurred to us that our statements might have less power without being able to meet face to face. Yet, we continued to hope for the best. We can only speculate that COVID and the lack of in-person accessibility might have impacted our ability to resonate with the board as it had in previous years.

We are unable to get the transcripts of Ayala's board meeting for many months now, as the bureaucracy is slow, so we can only speculate the reasons for the board’s release.
We believe that we are out of options now.

New York State has made its choice, and Mr. Ayala, who raped and murdered two mothers in 1977 and took away their children's full lives in doing so (while laughing about it), will be released in a few weeks around September 1st, 2020.

We’re not sure where he will go. It is possible Connecticut or Westchester, though he has family in Texas.

If Ayala was fair game to be released despite everything that we have mentioned above, who wouldn't be considered for parole?

If there is anyone in the media out there who might be interested in writing about this, I can be reached at