Glasgow McDonald’s restaurants must treat couriers with respect

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We, the undersigned, are couriers working for Uber Eats in Glasgow and their supporters.

 We are repeatedly frustrated by our treatment by McDonald’s restaurants around Glasgow, regularly being made to wait up to 40 minutes for our food to be prepared after our arrival at the restaurant, and, at some restaurants, made to wait outside while our orders are prepared.

We ask Andrew Gibson, as a respected local businessman and franchisee of multiple Glasgow McDonald’s, to set a good example by instructing his staff to complete preparation of our orders in a timely fashion, as do the majority of other Uber Eats restaurant partners, and if necessary make changes to restaurant staffing numbers to account for the business brought in by Uber Eats deliveries.

 We maintain utmost respect for the workers of McDonald’s restaurants, but are concerned that if these issues continue relationships between couriers and McDonald’s workers may become strained. We believe that in making the changes suggested above, couriers, McDonald’s workers, and your customers will all benefit.