Demand Marty Golden take back his invitation for Seb Gorka to headline his event! #NoHate

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On Wednesday, May 16, the Brooklyn Republican Party will have Sebastian Gorka — an anti-Muslim media personality with ties to a Nazi group — and Donald Trump, Jr. headlining their Spring Gala at the Dyker Beach Golf Course. This cannot be allowed to happen in one of the most diverse cities in the world.

Gorka is a former Trump Administration official who has regularly stoked Islamophobia and hatred of Muslims in this country — and he has an anti-Semitic, Nazi past. It is an insult to New York City that the Brooklyn Republicans would even consider inviting him to their Spring Gala ... but they're not just having Gorka in attendance, they're celebrating him as a VIP special guest to help them sell tickets.

We must tell Marty Golden and his hand-picked Kings County Republican leaders that this is unacceptable. Sign our petition to make it crystal clear that Brooklyn celebrates its diversity and stands firm against hate. Our community deserves so much better than this.

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