We Want Our Bridges Back!

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Just 12 words. 

1. Triborough Bridge 

2. Queensboro Bridge

3. Tappan Zee Bridge 

4. Brooklyn Battery Tunnel

5. Holland Tunnel

Enough said.

Why did I put a photo then of the Manhattan Bridge and the Brooklyn Bridge as the 'digital mascot' for this petition?  Because if we don't stop this insanity now, soon those bridges will be renamed too.  Soon Central Park will be renamed.  What about the Statue of Liberty and the George Washington Bridge?  Are they next in the firing line?  This petition is designed to stop the insanity, and reverse the damage.

To the uninformed, the names of these above-listed historically grounded landmarks in New York all have been changed to unrecognizable monuments honoring mere modern mortals:

1. RFK Bridge

2. Ed Koch Queensboro Bridge

3. Cuomo Bridge

4. Hugh Carey Tunnel

5. Clifford Milburn Holland Tunnel

Um, who the heck is Clifford Milburn?  Who the heck are ANY of these people?  Governors? Mayors?  

Why must the traditional and historical names of our infrastructure constantly change to honor modern politicians?  And with taxpayer money?  We all love the original names.  We don't need new names. We don't want them named after Republican Rudy Giuliani.  We don't want them named after Democrat Bill DeBlasio.  We don't even want them named after Mother Theresa.  These bridges and tunnels already HAD names!  

For a while, when I was younger, I actually thought the government was doing so well, building all of these new wonderful bridges at new crossings and these new tunnels under new parts of the rivers.  What a shock and disappointment to discover that these politicians were not working hard, focused on building new infrastructure---nope!  Instead, they were working hard, focused on changing the names of our current infrastructure, wasting time on wasteful legislation and wasting money on sign changes that cost us millions.  Money that could have gone to: a) helping the homeless in New York; b) helping the unemployed find jobs; c) helping us build new infrastructure projects to make traffic less congested; d) and this list goes on and on.

Please: Stop diluting and dishonoring our history!

Why must Albany and NYC constantly change these names, confusing the citizens of New York, the visitors to New York, and the tourists to New York?

If I went back to San Francisco and discovered that the CA legislature had changed the name of the Golden Gate Bridge, and to honor a politician (of either party) no less, I’d be horrified. (And yes, all of these bridges are just as important to the history of New York as the Golden Gate is to California).  What if Yellowstone National Park were renamed after some unremarkable modern bureaucrat?  Germany’s Rieperbahn? China’s Great Wall? How would you feel if you went to visit the Inca or Aztec Ruins and they put the name of some modern man (or woman) at the front of those heritage sites?  Or worse, totally changed them. Unthinkable. And yet... that is what is happening. Has happened.  Must be reversed. Must never happen again. 

It is not “just a bridge”.  It is not “just a tunnel”.  It is not “just a highway”. It is not “just a park”. In fact, if it’s “just” something, then why change the name in the first place?

Many point out that we still use the original names. But that’s not the point. The legislature’s intent was to irrevocably force new names into the history books while tossing aside the logical, traditional, and wholly apolitical original names. There was NOTHING wrong with the original names. Everyone LOVED (and still loves) the original names. The fact that we, the people, still use the original names is a testament to the power we wield in numbers in a free society.  On the flip side, the fact that these bridge names were changed in the first place without public consent or feedback is a testament to how much politicians’ heads have swelled in modern times. They are not your bridges to rename! 

So we want them back.

We don’t even want names appended to the front.

Our public infrastructure is not for you to name. Our public infrastructure is for US to name. The citizens. And in this case, the citizens of New York. 

Since we can’t currently vote on the names (and don't worry, that's our next battle), we are signing this petition. Cape Canaveral had its original name returned; so can all of the original names of these important bridges and tunnels in New York.

The politician's job is to legislate on policy on our behalf; it is not to choose a name for our tax-payer funded infrastructure like parents do for their new baby.

You are not the parents of our infrastructure.

These bridges and tunnels are not your babies to name or rename.

They belong to us, the people.

We are the ones who gave birth to and built these beautiful structures through our taxes.  


You are the doctors who delivered the baby. 

Are we grateful for your services as doctors? 

Yes, we are. 

Thank you—truly—for delivering our babies.

But--and it's a BIG but--do not for a moment presume to think you have the right to name them... or rename them.

1. You did not personally finance these bridges and tunnels.

2. You are being paid handsomely in your job as a legislator/government leader.

Once you start working for us for free, and donating your own money to fund construction and renovation, then we can start talking about putting the names you want on our babies.  Maybe.  But no, even then, we won't rename a historic bridge after you, your family, or your heros.  Not without our consent.  Because, did you forget, with all due respect, you work for us.

What we want is clear. 


Thank you for joining this fight. 

Fighting On Your Behalf, I am,

-Dr. Monroe Mann, PhD, Esq, MBA

Petitioner in Chief