Those charged with rape or other violent crimes should be denied bail!

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Last night in Waterloo, New York, Emerson Tohafjian, an accused rapist shot 3 people, killing 2. One of the women that he killed was the woman who had accused him of raping her. Three weeks prior, Tohafjian had allegedly raped, choked, and he threatened to kill her numerous times. Instead of being held without bail while awaiting trial, this monster was released after posting a $10,000 bail. The Judge residing over the case thought that an order of protection would stop an animal like Tohafjian from committing further acts of violence; clearly thewere gravely mistaken. Our justice system failed that women, just like it fails many sexual assault and rape victims across our country every day. Victims of violent crimes should not have to live in fear that today might be the day that their attacker comes back to finish the job.We would like to see all accused rapists and other violent offenders like Tohafjian  be held without bail until they stand trial to protect the community and the victim from retaliation. We also would like a formal system for reporting violent offenders to help prevent future crimes after their incarceration. Enough is enough. It’s time for our justice system to start taking a stronger stance against rape and violent crimes.