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Repeal the new window tint law

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The new state legislation for regulating window tinting as a factor in NY STATE VEHICLE INSPECTION is a very ridiculous and misguided attempt for Albany Politicians to further interfere with and punish small Business in our state
New York already has enough regulations regarding and enforcing window tinting and currently collects millions in fines from given traffic tickets. The state government is using the new law to funnel that money out of local municipalities, as well as, make small business pay unreasonable levies for what in effect has been legal until this month. Failing a vehicle’s inspection because a window was tinted years ago, and fining the shop that installed it is nothing but an inexcusable money grab by the state to filter more money into it’s socialist machine.
Furthermore, requiring auto shop operators to purchase more expensive equipment, lose valuable time on elongated inspections and paperwork show what callous disregard Albany has for working business owners and exemplifies the greediness of the New York State power seat.
Auto Shop operators are already bogged down by inspection regulations, environmental controls and present restrictions that they will have no choice but to pass on even higher expenses to the average working consumer. Since most cars trucks and SUV’s already have extensive tinting when purchased, how will this even be enforceable? We certainly respect Law Enforcement safety but fail to see the benefits of a law that only is created to increase revenue, not protect or serve.
We urge our ELECTED OFFICIALS to act with common sense, and stand up for the people that put them in office and remove this ludicrous requirement from our states legislation.


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