NY Rising-Please Reinstate The Interim Mortgage Assistance Or I Will Lose My Home!

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I know that there have been many reported Hurricane Sandy stories, but my story is NOT just about a Hurricane and things we lost.  Now I stand to lose my house after fighting so hard to get it rebuilt.

This is an URGENT situation and we are in peril!

I need help due to the stoppage of the Interim Mortgage Assistance while I am forced to pay rent.  Our home is unlivable.

My home will not be ready until sometime in 2019---but the state has left me high and dry with no further mortgage reimbursement, while leading me to believe that I WOULD be covered if they (The State and GOSR) built my home through GOSR.

Please note: I had a flood and homeowners policy for 16 years prior to Hurricane Sandy, that only paid $32,000, which Wells Fargo is holding in restricted escrow.

Although my home was substantially damaged, I had to go the village and fight to get a substantial damage letter from the Village of East Rockaway, which I did not receive until June of 2015.

We have been displaced by Hurricane Sandy for almost six years now. We have also moved four times within this same period of time.

I was told to do a Modification with Wells Fargo to make my mortgage current by New York Rising.  I was told to get my mortgage current so I would receive mortgage payments paid to Wells Fargo, while I pay rent to my landlord.  After I did  the HAMP mod, I was  told that they were not going to give me the money because I was in slight arrears at the time of the Hurricane (due to an injury on the job) and that I had to go through a hardship process.  It took over sixteen months for them to give me the IMA---and I had to fight to get a more fair amount of money due to me.

Subsequently, New York Rising offered me a program to rebuild my home named GOSR (Government Office of Storm Recovery) Recon build program.  I was told by GOSR that I would get mortgage reimbursement the entire time my house was being built. 

I applied for IMA in January 2016, (original discussions that took place in 2015), but I got approval in August of 2017! 

GOSR would not allow me in the rebuild program unless I had the IMA.  I got the IMA and the back money owed to me (Only partially) in August of 2017.  Thus, I went into the program after they wasted an inordinate amount of time with all the bait and switch tactics they used.

I was told by GOSR to leave everything to them, and I would be covered for everything during my home rebuilding.  In the meantime, although I signed to be in this program in August 2017, the permits for the rebuild were just sent in to the village of East Rockaway on February 7, 2018!  It took six months to get the plans drawn and the permit application to be presented to the village!!!

As I stated above I am now being told that I reached the limit of 20 month limit because HUD is no longer willing to give the 36 months reimbursement they had once agreed to.  HUD is stating that they pulled the additional 16 months because the state didn't get people in their homes and it has been over 5 years. As anyone can see, this is factual!

I Did Not Cause These Delays!   I have NO control over how long this is taking, and how long it will take to build my home.  Yet, at every turn I have been left with the penalties, and all of the fallout.

Now that I'm being told that there are no more mortgage reimbursement payments coming to me, what am I to do?  Due to the HAMP Modification this means that Wells Fargo will take my home!!!

I literally just received the plans from New York Rising and the permits to sign for the Village on February 7, 2018.

I have contacted politicians and every person I can within all the agencies involved.  All that has happened is a bunch of finger pointing.

Now I am left with the prospect of  losing my home, or being out on the street (which will kill my son literally).  My son Andrew has uncontrolled epilepsy and seizures, autism, and is medically fragile.  With each of our four moves in the past six years since Sandy, (including one year in a single hotel room with both my son and daughter) he was hospitalized over fifty times, due to the stress and trauma from all of the moves and upheaval.

Please help us!!!!!  Please don't let us lose our home!

Anything that you can do would be appreciated more than you know.  Prayers are also appreciated---and literally any amount of support.  I know the only chance we have to hold onto our home is by having the money to  pay the mortgage, and getting media exposure to pressure all the agencies involved.

Right now all that is going on is finger pointing, with no ownership for any lack of action by anyone.

I simply cannot pay both my  rent and mortgage, as well as Andrew's medications that are not covered under insurance.  You can read more about Andrew and our struggles in the following article that was written in February 2017.


I am a single mother on disability in need of two surgeries, with a special needs non-verbal, medically fragile son with uncontrolled seizures and epilepsy.  I also have a 21 year old daughter who is in college.

There will be other people also affected by this same situation that may not know it yet. 

Please sign my petition to help me get the mortgage assistance while my home is being rebuilt! 

Thank you, 

Phyllis Boland

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