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New York State Parole Board: Keep Brian Britton in Prison

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   On March 22, 1989, my brother, Brian T. Britton, shot and killed my father Dennis, 44, my mother Marlene, 42, and my little brother Jason, 8 1/2. He also shot me and left me for dead. He shot my dad twice, my mom twice and Jason once and bashed his head in with the butt of the gun. I survived my two gunshots ( one to the abdomen and one to the head). 

  Brian took a plea bargain and was given a 25 to life concurrent sentence for this crime ( instead of three 25 to life sentences for the murders and an 8-15 year sentence for the attempted murder running consecutively). Now every two years I must deal with this heartache in detail by writing to the parole board and ask that they deny Brian parole. I fear for my life and that of my children if he were to be released. The only reason he admitted to the crimes was that he found out that I was alive. His intent on that fateful morning was to kill his entire family but I survived.

     He has never shown remorse. He has never given a reason as to why he did what he did. He has never reached out to me ( since he has been in prison) to try to reestablish ties. All these are things that need to be done before someone can even think of being released. 

    This is a man who has never held a job in the outside world ( after all he was 16 going on 17 when he committed these murders). He wouldn't know how to function in today's society. He has had 28 years to think about what he can possibly do to harm me when he gets out. 

   Please Governor Cuomo, help me to convince the parole board to keep Brian Britton in prison, for my safety, the safety of my children and for the safety of the community.



Sherry Britton Shafer

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