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Make Ibogaine legal for opiate addicts

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The heroin epidemic is out of control and we need solutions!!! Here's ours...

My daughter was a $400.00 a day heroin/fentanyl user, using heroin for at least 4 years. When we almost lost her I decided to get angry. Angry at the drug that is. I started talking about it and searching for a way to save her. One day I was in a business meeting when her ex-boyfriend walked in and simply asked how she was. After a rather embarrassing cry I had to give an explanation and one of the gentlemen asked if I had heard of Ibogaine. Of course I hadn't so he shared what he knew, he had heard of it on Law & Order of all places! Grasping for any chance to save my daughter I started researching, talking to friends in the medical field and a company that sells Ibogaine. It seemed too good too be true, even with the risks. My daughter had sepsis and was close to death when she was dropped at the doors of the local hospital by her "friends", and without this treatment she would not be here! 

 **I'm going to leave a little of the story out here aka plead the 5th**

 When my daughter took the Ibogaine we were naturally nervous because ultimately it was a drug, so the plan was to go directly to the ER. Luckily the nurse on duty had experience with the treatment because a doctor she had previously worked with recommended Ibogaine to his patients. The ER doctor on duty had the nurse call poison control and imagine our relief when they said they have seen no serious adverse effects from this treatment and only recommended fluids and monitoring. 

 Now the results have exceeded my every hope for what this treatment would do. Simply amazing! She woke up the next day euphoric. Looking into a mirror she asked me if she looked different, and I could see that she certainly did in her eyes. She was really seeing herself for the first time, that is a  feeling I will never forget. My daughter has no withdrawal symptoms, no cravings, stopped taking anxiety and depression medications. She processes information differently than before treatment, sees the world a little brighter and herself clearer. If I'm being honest I wouldn't mind a little of that treatment myself!!

Here's the email address for Office of National Drug Control Policy. Have any thoughts on heroin? Pass them along!!!


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