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Former Buffalo, NY Police Officer calls for resignation of Mayor/Police Commissioner

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You do the math: (2) deaths (after being stopped by police), within 3 months plus (1) man hit by Police SUV minus (0)accountability = #bluewallofviolence #blueliesmurdering 

 I was a Police Officer with no suspensions over a 20 year span, but was fired twice.  The first time was because members of the Buffalo Police Department changed paperwork and the second was because I stopped my coworker, another Police Officer from choking a HANDCUFFED suspect who could have been killed, like Eric Garner, but he wasn't and I am grateful for that.  That same Officer who had been promoted to Lieutenant, Gregory Kwiatkowski, pled guilty in December 2016 to Federal civil rights violations for unnecessary, excessive force after taking a plea in exchange for his testimony against two Police Officers although​ he was a Supervisor at the scene.  This is after retiring with (3) separate open Internal investigations all relating to violence, one of which he choked an on duty Police Officer who wanted to switch out of his platoon. 

I tried to warn the Police Department, but they ignored me and others who complained about Police brutality.  The "new" conversation is Police lies, conspiracy and cover-ups.

A police officer claimed to be shot in the head.  The suspect/victim was shot and killed and no weapon was found.  We now find out that the Officer WASN'T shot, but his ear was somehow injured when he reached into the vehicle and the airbag went off.

Jose Hernandez-Rossey is still dead.  

.This is a couple of months after Wardell "Meech" Davis also died in Police custody

. a Police Officer purposely ran over a man with the police SUV.


A quarter​ of the city's budget is proposed to go to the Police Department.  Assault rifles were just purchased, while body cams are an afterthought.  

Here are a few things done by the Mayor and members of the Police Department.  



2.  and the story changes

3.  And changes again

.....heorine overdose by Police Officer (Officer needed Narcan twice)       overdose-video/

..... heorine tent

.....Lynn Dejac

.....John Walker

.....Amanda Wienckowski's death

.....My story

 I am sickened by the blatant disregard for human life.  I have decided to be the change that I am looking for.   #operarationcleanhouse #vote #riseup2017












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