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Please help me change the way the NY State of Health works.  The NY State of Health - The Official Health Plan Marketplace is where people in NY apply for health insurance if they do not have insurance through their job. As a privately employed person, it is almost impossible to obtain insurance from here. Everytime I contact them, I have to speak to a different representative.  Each representative tells me something different.  The information they tell me to send into them for proof of income is never sufficient,  even though the representative is the one who told me what to send in. I don't get pay stubs,  so they wanted bank statements first. That wasn't sufficient so I had to send in three months of income with deductions on a word document. I did that and that wasn't good enough either. I sent in pay stubs for my fiance,  my 16 year old son and a letter and that wasn't enough either.  Now they want my 1040 from 2017 and the three month income documents that I've already sent in.  I have been sending in documents to prove my income since May and now we are in July and they "accidentally" dropped my ten year old son's health insurance because I didn't send in proof of his income! The income verification is supposed to be for the entire family and obviously my ten year old does not have an income! They have extended everyone else's insurance in my family while I continue to send in documentation but dropped my ten year old's!  I received no notice of him losing his insurance and found out when I went to pick up his medication and had to pay $260.00! He has asthma and is on five prescription medications.  I called the NY State of Health and they said they are unable to fix it until I send in his income verification. He is TEN years old!  He does not have an income! He is sick a lot and needs insurance!  I was informed that I have to write a letter to them stating that he is ten and he has no income and that I provide income for him.  Seriously?  How could they do this to us?  I've sent in every single piece of documentation they have asked for and they refuse to reinstate my son until I send in more even though the last representative I spoke to clearly said it was an error on their part.  The NY State of Health needs to train their representatives better so they all know what they are doing.  If they did,  my family would have been renewed months ago and my son would not have been kicked off the plan.  At this point, my son may not be eligable to receive insurance until September due to open enrollment rules! He can not go without insurance until then and we can not afford to pay for his prescriptions without insurance. They need to accept documentation that they ask for,  especially when it is acceptable documentation that is written on the paperwork. Please help me change the way we have to qualify,  get our eligibility confirmed and make sure all the people working for them know what they are doing! Make these people accept the documentation they ask for. Make them accept documentation that is approved on their paperwork. Make them have some sort of continuity with their clients so we don't have to speak to a different person everytime we call. Make them train their employees so they know the laws in this country and state regarding what age people can legally work here so they do not stop a child's insurance due to lack of income verification. Make them train their employees so that each of them actually know what documents a person needs to send in to be recertified the first time around so people do not have to spend needless time and money and lose their sanity in the process, as well as possibly having someone dropped from the insurance altogether. Please help me change the way this company works so my family doesn't have to endure this stress again and so others don't have to go through what I am going through now. Make them accountable for illegally dropping my ten year old's health insurance.

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