Review the biased NY teacher certification exams by the fraudulent company, Pearson

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I, and many others, have the dream of becoming a teacher for the city of New York, but day by day our dreams get shattered by the New York State Teacher Certification Exams. Exams which are made by the Pearson company that are referred to as a fraud, invalid, unreliable, and the list goes on. All you have to do is research "Pearson fraud teacher certification" (or anything along that line) and you will see many articles that refer to the flawed exams and how Pearson does NOT contain the valid knowledge to administer a test like this or has the qualified graders to mark them. This all came into play when Common Core, New Standardized testing and Certification exams were created a couple of years ago. Since all of this has been implemented, the DOE has been dealing with heavy critique and complaints. These recent changes were made to better the education system? Well, it's caused anything but success! 

I am in the process of finishing my certification exams which unfortunately, I have taken many times until I passed and lots of money went down the toilet. Even with years of college education and a masters degree, I can't get a teaching job because an invalid test is telling me so. A test that asks questions that are more like opinions and could have different answers, not one. A test that includes questions that do not measure ones qualification as a teacher. A test which safety-nets ask about other countries and their language history. A test that is completely BIASED!

This post by Diane Ravitch states


"The Pearson contract reveals that New York State did not pay Pearson to develop and administer its teacher certification exams. Instead, all of Pearson’s payment and profits are made from student exam fees. This means Pearson has little incentive to fix flawed exams, since they profit when students take and retake their exams. We have four new teacher certification requirements in New York State administered by Pearson. One of them is the edTPA and the others are exams. There are many content and computer format problems with the exams and lots of problems with the edTPA. Students can spend up to $1,000 or more to take and retake these exams."

How NY State could even allow this contract? I have no clue!

The only intentions here, are not to find qualified teachers, it's for Pearson to make money and for the state to torture those wanting to become a teacher. Since Pearson benefits so much from our failed attempts, if you question them about a score of 518 when the passing is 520 (like me) they tell you there's nothing they can do. Right! Because they rather you take it again and again so it can put more dollar signs in their bank.

Not too long ago, the ALST was seen to be flawed and deemed "racist." A court case was made of it and now the test is no longer needed to be certified! A test that was made to be such an important qualification to be certified, is gone like that! So how important could it have been? How important and how necessary are any of the exams? An education system that consistently has so many complaints, needs to alter exams and create safety-nets to pass a test, proves that there is something wrong here! There are still so many complaints and people failing, even after the creation of the safety-nets and altered test. Seeing a failed result time after time is effecting my self-esteem and putting my career on hold. There were times where I doubted my ability to become a teacher but when I researched and dug deeper into finding information about the test, I was relieved to see that I'm not as stupid as the test claims I am. The test is the stupid one!

I'm sure many of you who are in the certification process feel the same. I know what you are going through. I understand your frustration and the halt it's putting on your life. My intention by creating this petition is to get our voices heard, like those who fought to get rid of the ALST did. If we work together and speak as one, our voice will be louder, and maybe we can get rid of the rest of them! I am done with making the demeaning Pearson company successful off of my fails, and I hope you are too! Thank you and let's make our goal!

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