Clemency for Bryon Russ

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We ask you to sign this petition in support of the decision that Bryon K. Russ Sr. be granted Executive Clemency by New York State Governor Andrew M. Cuomo.

 We are seeking Executive Clemency by way of commutation for Bryon. He has served twenty (20) years in prison.  We believe Bryon should be granted clemency because he has used his time productively and responsibly to rehabilitate himself and pro-actively advance himself in positive ways.  Bryon has completed all therapeutic programs the NYS Department of Corrections offers.  He has participated in voluntary programs like Youth Assistance Program (YAP) and Alternative to Violence Program (AVP).  Bryon has also facilitated educational and therapeutic classes for other prisoners on topics like alternatives to violence, aggression replacement, basic education skills, general business, and Real Estate.  He has obtained training and certificates for teaching other prisoners, Inmate Program Associate (IPA), legal research clerk, and vocational skill.  Bryon has obtained 48 credits toward his associate degree, through the Cornell Prison Education Program (CPEP), offered by Cornell University. In 2019 Bryon and his family began organizing an annual book-bag and school supply giveaway. In 2020, they partnered with several other community organizations to reach a larger population of needy families in New York. 

 Bryon is currently employed as an Inmate Program Associate in transitional services. He facilitated  classes to assist other people who are entering prison, being released from prison, and participating in therapeutic programs like Aggression Replacement Training (ART).  Bryon is also an AVP facilitator, mentoring other prisoners in alternatives to violence. Bryon was Chairmen of the Inmate Liaison Committee (ILC) for 15 months much of this time was spent helping with COVID-19 mitigation effort in the facility.  This committee works side by side with the correctional facility’s Executive and Administrative staff to foster communication between the staff and prison population and propose considerations to remedy issues the inmate population is facing.  

Bryon makes great use of his time incarcerated. He recognizes the harm he has caused the victims in the crime he makes no excuses for. He invites his victims to reach out to him so they are able to have an opportunity to heal holistically.  Not only has he made extensive improvements to himself and his thinking, he works tirelessly to assist others in doing the same.  Simply stated, he is no longer the man he was when he was 25 years old and sentenced to 49 years in prison.  In the 20 years Bryon has been incarcerated, he has never received a disciplinary ticket for any form of violence.  He has never received a disciplinary ticket for drug use, weapons use, or weapons possession.  Bryon has learned from his mistakes and deserves a fair and thorough consideration for clemency.

 We ask that you please sign this petition in support of the decision to grant Bryon Russ Sr. clemency and allow him to be released as soon as possible.  We are asking for a fair and careful review of his entire clemency proposal, case file and institutional record.   The idea of Bryon having to serve yet another 14 years in prison seems like a gross injustice, not only to Bryon and our family, but also to the taxpayers of New York.  Please allow Bryon an opportunity to put all the great self-work and personal betterment he has done to use, gain his freedom, re-enter society, and become the productive and successful citizen he has prepared himself to be.

 Thank you for your support.

-The Family of Bryon K. Russ Sr.