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Clean Up the 30th Street Men's Shelter and Mainchance Drop-In Center (32nd Street) issues in District 2!

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Our community is under siege by aggressive, lewd and dangerous men from the two shelters in the area: The 30th Street Men's Shelter and the Mainchance Drop-In Center on 32nd between Lexington and Park.

We are asking for:

1. Reducing the size of the 30th Street Men's Shelter to 200 or 250 beds, which is consistent with the rest of the Men's shelters in NYC.

2. Forbidding the admittance of any man who has been charged with any sexual offense, past or present, and any other violent crimes.

3. In conjunction with 2 above, closing the loophole that allows a sex offender who is no longer on parole to reside in a shelter within a 1000 foot radius of the schools

4. Close down the Mainchance In-Take Center. It is poorly run, has no regard for the community, and has created a radius of crime 5 blocks wide around it.

5. Add "beat cops" to our neighborhood! We respect the police officers protecting us and need them on the streets to deter harassment, public lewdness, public intoxication, setting up camps on streets, and engaging in drug activity.

The shelters are no longer being used for what they were intended and named for. They no longer provide a safe haven for men, women and children displaced by loss of work, tragic circumstances, poverty, mental illness or other unintentional consequences of circumstance.

Instead they are being used as a gateway for ex-convicts, sex offenders and mentally disturbed men to enter neighborhoods and commit crimes against the community. It is a disservice to the people who need to be "sheltered" and given an opportunity to rejoin the community.

These men have contributed to our community with these criminal acts:
1. Rape
2. Robberies
3. Verbal harassment of women and children
4. Assault and violence against members of our community
5. Loitering and panhandling by schools
6. Approaching children, sometimes by name and offering candy
7. Many instances of public masturbation and lewdness
8. Sleeping in doorways, building courtyards, streets, etc.
9. Defecating in public

Please support us in reducing crime, making our city cleaner and safer, and providing true help to those in need by signing this petition.

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